Commercial & Residential Locks
We provide commercial & residential locks for all residential and business establishments in the different parts of Boston.

At Agentlocks Locksmith, the consumers can always expect that the quality of locks are always on the top and will always secure their personal belongings and assets more effectively. We sell, install, and repair several kinds of locks in Boston  and we assure to our target clients that our services are one hundred percent reliable and licensed under the legal policies of the local and federal government.

Here are the different categories of locks that we can offer:

Mortise Locks – this locking system that we can offer to the consumers in Boston is perfect for all kinds of business establishments and houses that are surrounded by wooden doors and other types of doors. This locking system needs a pocket to achieve a more powerful security system which can never be destroyed by strangers easily. Its pocket or mortise must be attached in a different furniture or component of a house where a door is meant to be installed.

Cylinder Locks
– this locking system is one of the best types of locks that we can offer here are Agentlocks Locksmith. It has a very durable cylinder which can be attached in several kinds of doors to secure a residential or commercial establishment. Several kinds of locking mechanism can be applied in this type of lock.

Deadbolts – we believe that this type of lock that we can offer will be the best option for those consumers who want to make sure that their houses and private facilities will never be open and accessible for the strangers. It has a very special locking mechanism which includes a very durable lock cylinder that can never be rotated with the use of other keys.

Cabinet & Mailbox Locks
– cabinets and mailboxes are included in the list of the most important furniture or things to provide in a house or business establishment. And these things need an appropriate and high quality example of commercial and residential locks that can never be destroyed by the strangers who are interested to exploit the personal belongings of its owners.

Keyless Locks/Access Controls
– We will never fail the expectations of those individuals who are interested to provide the modern and automated examples of locking systems in their residential and commercial establishments. We have keypad locking systems and other electronic locks that are more reliable and much easier to use compared to the other forms of locks.

Magnetic Locks
– this example of commercial and residential locks has two special components which are the armature plate and electromagnet. The combination of such features makes this lock more reliable to use. And it functions with the use of a very little amount of energy while securing the entrances and doors of residential or business establishments.

– these locks are portable and can be used in several kinds of metallic doors or garage doors that are meant to be supported with high quality locking systems. We assure to the consumers that this type of locking system has so many examples and types here at Agentlocks Locksmith.
With the newly improved electronic locks the locking system of the house will be made effective because it lessens the entry of unwanted individuals.
The deadbolt locks that we can offer at Agentlocks Locksmith are very durable and made of high quality features that are very useful when it comes to the process of...
Are you seeking for the best cylinder lock? Worry no more because you can have your best and useful Cylinder lock through the Agentlocks Locksmith.
Agentlocks offers best mortise locks, installation and repair to help many people ensure the safety of their commercial and residential properties.
Combination locks are being offered by the company to the public to make increase safety of the establishment whether it is private or for commercial purposes.